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Five Questions to ask yourself before hiring an Interior Designer.

ASK YOURSELF A FEW QUESTIONS. Why do you want to do this project? Is it for hosting friends and family? Is it to set the mood for your new-found freedom in a new city? Is there a boyfriend, cute boyfriend? In other words what is the main reason you want to hire an Interior Designer to spruce up your place.   Is your project time sensitive? Do you have to do this project right away? Can you save a bit more money before starting? Knowing these things can save you time, money and the headache from rushing in and out of decisions.   Do you need an interior designer or an interior decorator? - Right about now you might be...

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What’s the best way to find the right Interior Designer?

Reddit User: /fshain_brit asks, Best way to find the right Interior Designer?   There are many ways to go about finding that perfect interior designer. Here are some tips to get you started on your journey to hiring the right person for your needs!   Reddit! has a subreddit “r/InteriorDesign/” full of people asking questions to interior design pros and hobbyists alike. It’s an absolute great way to find active designers responding to their community. Another obvious resource is - looking into google maps and seeing what design firms are in your area might lead to great results.   You can also try asking real estate agents. Often times they have a go to interior designer or decorator...

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What are some tips when hiring an Interior Designer that I should know about?

Let’s say, you’ve just moved to a new city and into a new unfurnished home; now, you’re ready to find an interior designer to help furnish said home. Given that you’ve never hired an interior designer before, you’re in a new area with a limited budget, and you’ve most likely got some questions; and, understandably some reservations. Where do you begin finding the right designer for your project? Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered.   Below are three short articles that we’ve written that will give some insight into hiring an interior designer for the first time.   “Five questions to ask yourself before hiring an interior designer.”   “What’s the best way to find the right interior designer?”  ...

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How much does it cost to work with
a State.Mint Project Manager?

Like to plan the budget for your project but have the daunting question of how much is this going to cost me? Thanks to Pinterest we see so many different styles and options, how does one ever decide on furniture, artwork, paint colors and decor? Even harder, where does anyone start when calling resources? Who do you trust to get the project done on time and within a budget? Where do you find the best deals for materials? Interior Design can get pricey very quickly and out of hand even faster if you don't know what you're doing. That's why your State.Mint Project Manager handles it all for you. We start with the design concept, sure. Then we go above and beyond accessing the proper permits, architecture...

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Autumn Update!

It's Fall and we're back in the studio! The past two months have certainly been a journey. We have family in Houston, Mexico & Puerto Rico, Friends in California and Miami. We're seeing the results of nature right now, yet in between hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, & tornadoes, still, we push on for a sense of normality. We want to be able to help those effected and we want to commit to those who love our brand and what we do.  As we continue to help our clients in their effected homes, State.Mint Family is also growing! We will soon be welcoming a baby boy into our lives! Our community grows stronger and more full everyday. From new additions, to working side by side with each other in ground...

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