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Autumn Update!

It's Fall and we're back in the studio! The past two months have certainly been a journey. We have family in Houston, Mexico & Puerto Rico, Friends in California and Miami. We're seeing the results of nature right now, yet in between hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, & tornadoes, still, we push on for a sense of normality. We want to be able to help those effected and we want to commit to those who love our brand and what we do.  As we continue to help our clients in their effected homes, State.Mint Family is also growing! We will soon be welcoming a baby boy into our lives! Our community grows stronger and more full everyday. From new additions, to working side by side with each other in ground...

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{BHBL} For Houston: Harvey Storm Help!

We live in Spring, TX. Just 45 min north of Houston. We are all effected by #harvey. It's still flooding in areas around us, but thankfully we’re safe. As we know there are many people who will have to rebuild after losing most everything. There has been flooding like we've never seen before. From that we want to remind folks that our furniture and interior design company, "State.Mint, LLC." Is here to help. Although we have lost a lot of product, our manufacturers and artists have offered to help. So, the least I could do is offer 25% Off (code: BHBL4HSTN) All Purchases through September 30, 2017. If you still need more discount or assistance rebuilding your home please call...

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We believe that State.Mint offers a unique style that has matured over time. That's why we want to invite you to see our style before you invest in your home. These examples of our style will give you a better feel for what your home could look like after a State.Mint Renovation, or perhaps you just need a little idea boost. Either way, it's a great place to get started. Note: Not all examples below are from projects. However, all examples are representative of style. From paint colors, countertop materials to flooring, base board styles, layouts, furniture and lighting, we can help you design, create, furnish and welcome you to the home of your dreams! We side with style over comfort, think timelessness is...

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Better Homes, Better Lives

MAKE A STATE.MINT! BHBL, is dedicated to working in partnership with various groups, organizations, companies and efforts to create a healthier sence of community – one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of home, family, ideas and cultures. IT IS OUR FOCUS TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO LIVE IN A MORE CULTURALLY DIVERSE SOCIETY THAT MAY INTRODUCE NEW TRADITIONS AND EXPERIENCES AROUND THE WORLD. CHARITABLE GIVING Through contributions, collaborating with nonprofit organizations, in-kind gifts and volunteerism, BHBL brings positive, lasting change to communities around the world. OUR GIVING In 2016 BHBL looks to support nonprofit organizations helping communities through charitable cash giving, in-kind and product contributions, and public events. CHARITABLE GIVING GUIDELINES If you are a non-profit organization...

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