What’s the best way to find the right Interior Designer?

Reddit User: /fshain_brit asks,

Best way to find the right Interior Designer?


There are many ways to go about finding that perfect interior designer. Here are some tips to get you started on your journey to hiring the right person for your needs!


Reddit! has a subreddit “r/InteriorDesign/” full of people asking questions to interior design pros and hobbyists alike. It’s an absolute great way to find active designers responding to their community.

Another obvious resource is - looking into google maps and seeing what design firms are in your area might lead to great results.


You can also try asking real estate agents. Often times they have a go to interior designer or decorator style homes they are trying to sell or flip. Finally; You know that cool place you always like visiting? Maybe it's your favorite store, maybe it's your favorite book shop or library, maybe it was the doctor's office lounge you visited that one time you were sick last week during all the crazy weather! Just ask, "Do you know who did the decor for this space? It's beautiful and I'd like to reach out to them! Chances are the Doctor themselves had some help.


We've found that clients have success when asking apartment offices who designed their showrooms and club houses. So, you can even go from apartment to apartment looking for styles you like.


Don't dismiss design firms from around the world, some designers are willing to travel for work. Some may say for the right price, others may include it into their estimate, and some will just flat out want to help you out, so just ask!


No matter what, make an effort to start a conversation with your top interests. They may ask a question or two that may lead you in the right direction.


Find the designer that works for you and go with them!


Key points to keep in mind during this process:

  • Research multiple designers and firms
  • Know yourself, know your wants and needs
  • Have a budget
  • Have a timeline
  • Don’t make rushed decisions!



We’re here to help. If you have any questions or would like more details, consider us an open book.


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