Five Questions to ask yourself before hiring an Interior Designer.


Why do you want to do this project? Is it for hosting friends and family? Is it to set the mood for your new-found freedom in a new city? Is there a boyfriend, cute boyfriend? In other words what is the main reason you want to hire an Interior Designer to spruce up your place.


Is your project time sensitive? Do you have to do this project right away? Can you save a bit more money before starting? Knowing these things can save you time, money and the headache from rushing in and out of decisions.


Do you need an interior designer or an interior decorator? - Right about now you might be wondering what's the difference between the two? Interior Designers can create solutions specific to your wants and needs, while a decorator can adorn your home with current trends, regardless of your wants and needs.


What is the budget I want to set? Seriously write down a number on a piece of paper. Stare at it long and good; and then, tell it to whomever you want to hire. "The cap on my budget is "$X Amount." The challenge for designers and decorators is to find solutions with YOUR BUDGET, if you do not supply a budget or tell them a cap, then they'll have a field day! Then you'll be surprised at the $74,000 estimate they submit to you.


I can't stress it enough, having a budget plan before starting a conversation with an interior designer is one of those details that always seems to scare people. I'll put it this way; If you set a budget, then you'll have control over yes's and no's. You'll be able to have the upper-hand when your interior designer says, "How about we put in new 'marble countertops!' – Designers and Decorators need a budget to know what materials they can afford to offer you, the amounts and sizes of items they can fill your space with, the overall quality of items they can afford. Without a budget, firms can and will charge you for the absolute best stuff in the industry.


Interior Designers want to help, we want to make things easier for the client, and we want to keep things simple! Having a budget also helps us keep you in check when you say, "I was thinking about knocking out this wall, or maybe putting in a garbage shoot. Also, a water-slide!.... Well, No, your budget doesn't allow for that!


What styles and trends would I prefer to live in? Know your ideal goals for home, the lifestyle you want to live; know the way you live in your home daily, the things you do. Know your routine. Where do you watch television? where do you sit and stare at your laptop? Is it at a desk? Is it in in bed? Do you love taking showers? What's the most important room? Would I like to use this room more? etc, etc.


Below are three short articles that we’ve written that will give some insight into hiring an interior designer for the first time.


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