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About Us

We side with style over comfort, think timelessness is underrated and find that the home looks best when it is lived in. We love color-blocking and pattern mixing and culture, lots and lots of culture. We’re fans of textures and think everything’s right when something’s left just a little imperfect. We host cocktail parties. We drink champagne when reading a good book. We invite friends over for movie night or a late night talk around the fire. We believe our home needs care, love, and patience. We’re an american brand, but we source fabrics from around the world: Uruguayan sheep wool, Irish linen and Italian marino wool. We are believers of handmade and we deal directly with artists to promote fair-trade. We don’t believe there’s just one way to dress a home, but we do have a few ideas on how to pull one together. For us, the magic is in the mix.

The Empirical Modern Home.

Whether it be in your garden, living room, or dock front, State.Mint is dedicated to perfecting your living space while helping community. Our collection holds handmade, fare-trade, and carefully selected, products from around the world, then hand-packaged in our facilities in Piney Point Village, TX and finally delivered daily to homes across the USA. 

Better Homes, Better Lives

State.Mint gives back to the community with every purchase. 15% of all profits go directly to a non-profit organization every season. Enjoy timeless, one of a kind, and original pieces from around the world when you purchase from State.Mint as a gift or for yourself.

Causes we Support

We aim to inspire people to think creatively, live healthier, conserve culture and strengthen our communities through State.Mint, and the BHBL commitment.

State.Mint is a trading company founded in Houston, Texas in the autumn of 2015 by Frank and Lorin Hernández. Specializing in the buying and selling of home goods. State.Mint remains a destination for men and women wanting a curated mix of home décor, accessories, and gifts that reflects their personal style and fuels their lives' passions, from art to entertaining. We are committed, as always, to offering our customers signature products and unparalleled service throughout the United States, and on
Interested in partnering with State.Mint & BHBL to bring a little love to the Houston community? Send a note to  or