We believe that State.Mint offers a unique style that has matured over time. That's why we want to invite you to see our style before you invest in your home. These examples of our style will give you a better feel for what your home could look like after a State.Mint Renovation, or perhaps you just need a little idea boost. Either way, it's a great place to get started.
Note: Not all examples below aren't from projects.
However, all examples are representative of style.
From paint colors, countertop materials to flooring, base board styles, layouts, furniture and lighting, we can help you design, create, furnish and welcome you to the home of your dreams!
We side with style over comfort, think timelessness is underrated and find that the home looks best when it is lived in. We love color-blocking and pattern mixing and culture, lots and lots of culture. We’re fans of textures and think everything’s right when something’s left just a little imperfect. We host cocktail parties. We drink champagne when reading a good book. We invite friends over for movie night or a late night talk around the fire. We believe our home needs care, love, and patience. We’re an american brand, but we source fabrics from around the world: uruguayan sheep wool, irish linen and italian marino wool. We are believers of handmade and we deal directly with artists to promote fair-trade. We don’t believe there’s just one way to dress a home, but we do have a few ideas on how to pull one together. for us, the magic is in the mix.