Interior Decorating Assessment - State.Mint Home & Garden
Interior Decorating Assessment - State.Mint Home & Garden
Interior Decorating Assessment - State.Mint Home & Garden
Interior Decorating Assessment - State.Mint Home & Garden

Interior Decorating Assessment

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We understand that there's more to a home than just great quality and craftsmanship. The aesthetic of a home and flow of a layout can change how you live and feel in a space.

Using quality materials, on-trend color stories and individually tailored designs we can help you make your dream kitchen a reality!  

Allow us to reimagine your kitchen to create a smarter more efficient layout that you and your family will benefit from. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make this dream a stress free and amazing experience that will last a lifetime!

Let’s get started!

Free Assessment

With our free assessment, We will visit your home and get the big wheel of ideas flowing. Here you will meet with your Project Manager for the first time and gain a better understanding of what can and can't be done in your home. This first visit allows us to open a brainstorming session to develop and understand what your project needs. A quote for the project is submitted after this visit.  

 With this Consultation you get:

  • A Brainstorming visit 
  • Quote of project costs

Free Assessment W/ Phase 1 Deposit

When you get started with your Phase 1 Deposit, we are able to get started on more than just ideas. Along with your free assessment, We will be able to schedule our second visit where samples of project materials, textiles, color story and themes are presented to you. This includes a rendering of your project so you can have a better understanding of the overall look and feel of your design. A quote for the project is submitted after our second visit.

With this Consultation you get:

  • First Brainstorming visit
  • Second Visit to review samples
  • Rendering of design
  • Quote of project costs
  • Estimated time frame and dates.


State.Mint proudly offers these services for Interior Design.

  • Material Selection
  • Color and Paint Selection
  • Textile Selection  
  • Lighting Selection
  • Appliance Selection
  • Color Story and Continuity Design
  • Layout Design and Redesign
  • Open Concept Design
  • Flooring Selection
  • Furniture Selection
  • Space Planning 
  • Tile or Stone Selections
  • Molding Selections
  • Interior and Exterior Selections
  • Color, Textile, Tile and Texture Samples
  • Quartz & Granite Samples
  • Laminate Flooring Samples
  • Color Coordination
  • Furniture layout, selection, and procurement
  • Flooring – Hard, Soft, and Area Rugs
  • Window Treatments - Functional & Decorative,
  • Accessorizing
  • Interior and Exterior landscaping
  • Art Selection and Installation
  • Bedding & Pillows
  • Storage 
  • Concierge Luxury Services

Services are available for personal homes, including but are not limited to rooms of; accessibility, home office, storage, organization, kitchens and baths, game rooms, home theater,  home healthcare, home fitness, historic preservation, etc, etc.

Non-Refundable Deposit is applied to final contract balance and will be used to contribute towards the final product created for the client.  

 Get Inspired! 

(Note: Images are examples of the work State.Mint can achieve and are for inspirational use only.)